Welcome to BC Red-Tails, home of The BC Red-tailed Hawk Project.

We are looking for images of Red-tailed Hawks from across British Columbia to document the large variation in appearance (plumage) that is a trait of this common raptor species.   While we are most interested in pictures taken during the breeding season we will gladly accept pictures from anytime in the year.  Go to our About page for more information.

If you have Red-tailed Hawk images from previous years or if you expect that you will have the opportunity to observe and photograph Red-tailed Hawks in 2014 and would like to contribute, please go to the Submit Images page. The success of this project will depend on our ability to find good quality images from all parts of the province.

Our immediate goal is to use this site to collect and organize images and to present interesting observations and results through regular blog posts at this site. We would also like this site to be a forum where anyone can discuss the pictures, observations or any other thoughts that they may have that are related to this project.

This site was launched on February 10, 2014 and has been gathering images from around the province and, in a few cases, from adjacent regions. As of May 1, we have over 300 images from all seasons and for several different years. Our geographical coverage is still poor with little or no coverage over much of the province.

We are planning to make the entire collection available for browsing and we continue to look for new ways to advertise this project in all corners of BC. If you wish to provide feedback or have ideas on how we can improve the project or reach a wider audience please see our Contact page.

Thanks for visiting this site.


Kevin Hood (Coquitlam, British Columbia)
Jerry Liguori (Salt Lake City, Utah)


9 Responses to Home

  1. Check two images of redtail in flight on

    taken on Hwy 5A in the Nicola Valley of BC

  2. KevinHHood says:

    Thanks Brian – A nice looking bird. I’ll make sure that Jerry has a look. Can you provide more detail on the location? What is the nearest town?

    • briancoldwells says:

      Nicola Lake, where we live is about 10-15 North of Merritt, this portion of 5A runs roughly North-South between Merritt and Kamloops. The picture was taken from alongside one of the fields of the Nicola Ranch looking West toward an old burn.
      Well, Jerry surprises me, the red tail that I first observed made me think for sure it was a red-tailed. I also took a picture of it from the back before it flew from a pole, to where I captured the in-flight underside. I will submit this separately.

  3. Hi Kevin & Brian:

    Nice images! If I am commenting on teh correct image, it is an adult female Rough-legged Hawk. But I love the Red-tail centric thinking….I’m in the same frame of mind, keep sending in photos, it is much appreciated!

    • KevinHHood says:

      It would have helped if I had looked at the correct image. The one that I chose was not the one that Brian wanted us to look at. My Bad!

      • Jerry Liguori says:

        OK, see the RT now, a beautiful adult. The race is difficult because there is overlap in plumage between alascensis and Western and this is the exact type you can see breeding in Utah or Alaska

  4. Patty chadwick says:

    If sharpies and coopers show as much variation, I’ve had before I even get started as “The World’s Foremost Authority on telling sharpis and cooper apart”!!!

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